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founded by women for women

Kind Organic® was founded with the belief that it should be easier for women to put the needs of their body first with a kinder, more natural product.

Our range combines certified organic cotton with a Smart-Weave design for effective protection and
long-lasting comfort.

All of our products are clinically proven non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin and come with the promise of no artificial absorbents or perfumes.

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Skin sensitivity remains one of the most widespread concerns of women, with an estimated 50% suffering in the UK

With many mainstream sanitary products containing unnecessary perfumes, added artificial absorbents and plastics, KIND Organic is keen to raise awareness of the natural alternatives that have been developed to be kind to sensitive skin.

After extensive research, we have developed Kind Organic – a range of natural sanitary products that are not only kind to skin but also kind to the environment and kind to farmers.

founded by women for women

Our founders Kate & Steph don’t just have a passion for health and well-being, they want to make it easier for women to put the needs of their bodies first by being informed and in control of the products they’re using. Unlike many of the organisations that produce and market intimate products for women, we believe it is important to have women at the very core of that process


Kate Bache

Cofounder & CEO

Former chemist turned marketing and innovation guru with a love for everything natural and unprocessed


Steph Knowles

Cofounder & CFO

Financial & operational wizard and mum with a love for ethical and charitable organisations

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