International Women’s Day: Kind Organic supports #BeBoldforChange

Women’s health is a hot topic, and with females across the globe empowered to champion the rise of their status at home, in the workplace and in health, we are seeing many instances of change.

Kind Organic is supporting International Women’s Day 2017, and in particular this year’s theme, #BeBoldforChange… As a business seeking to change the feminine care sector, our founders Kate and Steph are change makers in their own right.

Sharing the belief that it should be easier for women to put the needs of their body first with a kinder, natural product, Kate and Steph were tired of only being able to purchase feminine care products that contained unnecessary amounts of plastics and chemicals. Why shouldn’t women use the best feminine care products during their menstrual cycle? And why would we want to use highly manufactured, unnatural items so close to our skin? From this lack of choice, Kind Organic was born.

Embracing change and the challenge of making a more honest, natural product for women, the Kind Organic team has developed a range of organic tampons and panty liners. All of Kind Organic’s products are made with pure organic cotton and are clinically proven non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin.

With a greater awareness of female health, we are seeing women be the agents of their own change, and switch to natural products. Consumers are making a responsive change to organic products, sending the industry a message against harmful chemicals, artificial absorbents and plastic ingredients. They are truly ‘bold for change’.

We are supporting all innovative change makers this International Women’s Day, and encourage you to make your own change and find out more about the benefits of organic feminine health care products.