How to use your Kind menstrual cup

Kind organic menstrual cup

Using a menstrual cup for the first time can be a daunting experience. If you’ve been using tampons or pads up until now, then a menstrual cup is something totally new, and, like with anything new, it can take a bit of getting used to.

We hope this blog will give you a better understanding of menstrual cups and how they might work for you. We’re always happy to answer any cup questions you might have, just drop us a line on social media or via our customer care team here.

Firstly, what is a menstrual cup and how does it work?

A menstrual cup is a reusable period care product. It is inserted into the vagina during your period to collect menstrual fluid. They are usually bell shaped and most have a stem. Your cup sits below your cervix and can be removed, emptied, rinsed and reinserted as much needed, depending on your flow.

A reusable cup is designed for long term use and, when taken care of properly, can last for years. Your cup will hugely reduce the amount of period waste that you produce over your lifetime and a switch from disposable period care will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

OK, so how do I insert my menstrual cup?

First things first, it’s important to relax – especially when you are using your cup for the first time. Find a position that feels comfortable for you. This could be a squatted position or placing one leg on the toilet seat. From here, you’ll want to fold your cup to insert it.

There’s a huge range of menstrual cup folds and what works best for you is completely dependent on your unique shape, previous sexual or gynaecological history, or whether you’ve given birth vaginally or not.

Check out our ‘6 folds to try with your Kind cup’ here for some cup folding inspiration to find a fold that works best for you.

How do I know that my cup has been inserted properly?

Your cup will sit lower than a tampon. Once you’ve inserted it folded, it should pop open and create a seal to save you from any leaks. You can check that its opened and sealed properly by circling your finger around the base of your cup. If you feel it hasn’t opened correctly, try squeezing the base slightly and slowly turning it 360 to encourage it to open. If you have concerns that your cup can’t open fully, this could be due to a sizing issue.

How and when should I remove my menstrual cup?

When you remove your cup will depend on your flow, but should never be more than 12 hours. Once again, it’s important to relax and get comfortable. There’s no right or wrong way to remove it, but there are ways to make removal smoother.

Use the stem of your cup to locate it. Do not pull on the stem to remove your cup. Gently pinch the base of your cup to break the seal it has created inside your vagina. Then, slowly tilt your cup from side to side while sliding it down.

Once you have removed your cup, tip its contents into the toilet, rinse with warm water, fold and re-insert.

How do I clean and store my cup?

When you first get your cup, you will need to sterlise it. We recommend a pan of boiling water for around five minutes. After every cycle, you will need to sterlise it again before storing it in your breathable, organic cotton Kind cup drawstring bag. When in use, simply rinsing your cup with warm tap water is enough before re-inserting. If you don’t have access to a tap, bottled water or a biodegradable organic cotton intimate wipe will work just fine.

We hope this blog has given you answers to your cup questions and, if you’ve been thinking about making the switch, given you the confidence to do so. You can pick up a Kind cup in Size 1 or Size 2 from Boots here or in store.