Introducing the KIND menstrual cup: Now available in Boots!

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our range and launching a reusable menstrual cup.

At Kind Organic we champion women’s health. We’re passionate about providing alternative products that are both kind to the body and kind to the environment. That’s why we are excited to launch our first reusable period product!

Introducing the Kind cup

The Kind cup has been developed with a super-soft and flexible design for effective protection and long-lasting comfort.

Our goal was to provide a reusable product that was kind to skin. Softness and comfort are always a key factor in any of our products. That’s why the Kind cup is hypoallergenic and suitable for delicate skin.

From chatting to customers before launching our cup we understood that insertion and removal is daunting when trying a menstrual cup. The Kind cup features rounded edges and conical pressure-release holes for easy, smoother insertion/removal.

How do I use the Kind cup?

If you’re new to menstrual cups, then you can find folding techniques and advice both on the Kind cup box and in the leaflet provided. We also have information coming soon to the website!

There are two cups available:

  • Size 1: We advise this is suitable for women under 30 years old who have not given birth vaginally
  • Size 2: We advise this is suitable for women over 30 years old and/or women who have given birth vaginally


Our Kind cup tip

Between cycles always sterilise the cup and store safely away from any liquids or containers that can contaminate the cup. For example, airtight Tupperware containers are not suitable. The Kind cup includes an organic cotton drawstring bag. Organic cotton is a breathable material so it’s perfect for storing the menstrual cup.

Got a question about menstrual cups? Get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist.

Our cups are currently stocked in Boots UK (both in store and online).

Wales online article featuring Kate Bache, CEO of Kind Organic

From the article: “Although girls outperform boys in the Stem subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) in Wales, women are still under-represented in the workforce.
The shortage is such a concern that the Welsh Government is taking action to recruit and retain more women in the Stem workforce.
Traditionally, part of the problem has been the lack of positive role models for girls in science. However, that is starting to change.”
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International Women’s Day: Kind Organic supports #BeBoldforChange

Women’s health is a hot topic, and with females across the globe empowered to champion the rise of their status at home, in the workplace and in health, we are seeing many instances of change.

Kind Organic is supporting International Women’s Day 2017, and in particular this year’s theme, #BeBoldforChange… As a business seeking to change the feminine care sector, our founders Kate and Steph are change makers in their own right.

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#BEKINDTOYOU – easy tips for a healthy body mind and soul

As women, we naturally care for others first and often put family, friends and partners before ourselves. This is even more reason for taking time for yourself, to nurture and care for your body, mind and soul everyday.

Kind Organic was founded to take a small step to help you be kind to you, and alongside our range of pure feminine hygiene products, we’re keen to show how easy it is to #bekindtoyou!

Keep an eye out for our #bekindtoyou campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be sharing easy, healthy hacks that you can perform alongside even the most mundane everyday tasks.

From deskercize inspiration to powering up your brain, our #bekindtoyou tips and tricks can help you introduce healthy habits into your everyday routine.

We’re keen to hear how you are KIND to yourself and any health hacks you do to keep your mind and body active.

Share your tip with us using the #bekindtoyou hashtag and we’ll spotlight them on our channels